Burn stains

Burn stain. First, you need to test the effect of hydrogen peroxide on the fabric in an invisible place. Dampen the cloth with hydrogen peroxide (1 part of the perhydrol on 3 parts of the water), spread over the burnt spot and press down with a moderately hot iron. Cover the surrounding material with a cloth or wrapping paper, so that it does not discolor, and expose the stain to the sun, periodically moistening with hydrogen peroxide. Keep it that long, until the stain disappears.

Burns on some fabrics are less noticeable, if you rub them gently with fine sandpaper. This allows you to ruffle burnt hair, e.g.. wool, and reduces shine. Burnt clothes must be handled gently, as scorching weakens the fiber.

Light burns can simply be whitened, by dipping the stain in clean, cold water and exposing it to strong sun.

Burns on white fabrics should be moistened with hydrogen peroxide, cover with a white cloth and press down with a medium hot iron. If the stain has not come off, re-moisten with hydrogen peroxide and expose to the sun on 2-3 hours. Rinse thoroughly.

Burns on white or color-fast fabrics can also be moistened with lemon juice and exposed to the sun. Re-soak the juice every half hour, until the stain disappears. Please note, that such stains must not be rubbed or wrung out, as burns weaken the fabric. Rinse thoroughly under running water.

If wool or synthetic fibers burn, the fabric may even carbonize. The hair is burnt, and the fibers are weakened. Such fabric must not be scraped, twist or rub.

Light burns on trousers can be lured out with borax and glycerin paste. Cover the burnt place with paste and leave it on 12 hours, then brush it. Wash the pants in a lukewarm detergent and rinse thoroughly. If the glycerin leaves a greasy stain, wash it off with a cloth dampened with a warm detergent solution (do not rub).

When an expensive piece of woolen clothing gets severely burned, you have to take it to a good tailor. Such a skilled person can replace the damaged fragment, by inserting a matching piece of fabric cut from the overlap or elsewhere. The repair site is almost invisible, and the cost is incomparably less than buying new clothes.

Burnt clean silk can be covered with a paste of baking soda and cold water. When the paste is dry, cleans with a brush. Repeat the treatment if necessary. Rinse well. Lighter burns on white silk can be removed with hydrogen peroxide. Rinse well.

A burn mark on the carpet can be covered with a thick paste of borax and warm water. Rub it on the fleece. When it dries up, vacuum and wash off with a damp cloth; vacuum again.