Deodorant stain, antyperspirantu

Aluminum chloride antiperspirants are acidic and may react with some fabric dyes. Color can be restored, wetting the place with ammonia. Rinse the fabric thoroughly after the treatment. For wool, mohair or silk ammonia is diluted half and half with water.

Another method of removing deodorant stains is to apply white spirit to the stain and cover with an absorbent layer soaked in alcohol.. Leave it on for a while.

Cover stiff yellow areas with a paste of enzyme powder and cold water. Rub it on the stained places. Dyed items should be checked beforehand, so as not to discolor them.
After the treatment, put a piece of clothing in a plastic bag and leave it on 8 or more hours.

The places covered with the paste must be washed in very hot water. Hot water can wrinkle fine finish garments, so it rinses only stained places under the arms, having previously spread them flat over the sink. In this position, pour a liter of very hot water over each stain. Then wash the entire garment by hand or in the washing machine.

Fabrics stained with deodorant must not be ironed. When exposed to heat, the residues of chemicals react with each other and the fabric can be damaged.