Ammonia is a colorless gas, the molecule of which consists of nitrogen and hydrogen. Easily dissolves in water. It is sold in dissolved form (the so-called. ammonia water) - perfectly cleans many surfaces and materials, also having a dehydrating effect. It breaks down fats well, removes wax and dirt. Ammonia can refresh the color, which has faded on contact with acids.

Recommendations: Under no circumstances should bleach containing ammonia be mixed with chlorine bleach; this combination produces toxic fumes. Also, do not use ammonia in confined spaces, because it is very volatile.
May cause some dyes to fade, so a test must be done before use. Under no circumstances should it be used for silk and wool. If there is a color change under the influence of ammonia, discolored area must be rinsed quickly with water and a few drops of vinegar and rinsed well.

Where to buy: drugstore, chemical stores.

Ammonia - directions for use

It is used for washing windows 1/2 cups of ammonia to about four liters of water. A great convenience for cleaning the oven is to put a saucer with ammonia in a cold oven overnight; wash the oven in the morning. Caution: do not use ammonia in self-cleaning ovens. In this case, the manufacturer's instructions must be followed.