Alcohol stain

Alcohol stain

Spilled alcoholic beverages must be collected immediately, and the stain, as far as possible, lure out fresh. Immediately apply a cloth slightly moistened with warm water and one or two drops of liquid detergent. Wipe clean, with a damp cloth and dry as soon as possible with a hair dryer set to medium temperature.

After drying, alcohol and fruit drink stains may not be visible, but with time and under the action of heat, the dyes oxidize and cannot be removed. Apply a cloth or sponge with soda solution or warm water with a little detergent. Rinse well. Pre-soak dried-up stains on fabrics in a solution of enzyme powder and wash the fabric as usual.

If the garments are not suitable for wet washing, put a cloth with cold water on it and take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible.

Clothes with dried beer stains should be cleaned, by putting a cloth with a vinegar solution half and half with dishwashing liquid, and then rinses in warm water.

As much of the spilled beer as possible must be immediately picked up from the carpets. A wrung towel dipped in warm water is placed on the stained area. Then in a glass (250 ml) warm water must be dissolved 1 a spoon (15 ml) washing powder and this solution to slightly moisten the stain, constantly drawing moisture for the second, dry cloth. Repeat the treatment several times, then remove as much moisture as possible with a few dry cloths. Dry the area with a dryer set to low temperature or an electric fan heater. Fresh stains are often almost invisible, but turn brown over time and become difficult to remove.

To remove vodka or other alcoholic beverages from the carpet, collect the liquid as soon as possible, so long, until the cloth or paper napkin is dry. Then the stain is moistened with a solution made of two glasses of water (500 ml) and spoons (15 ml) detergent and dries immediately, so as not to wet the carpet. This must be done carefully, because such stains, if you don't completely remove them, they turn brown over time and cannot be removed.

From a pale carpet, you can treat such a stain with a weak bleach solution. You take a teaspoon (5 ml) bleach for approx. 1/4 glasses (60 ml) cold water. At the end it rinses clean, with a damp cloth and dries quickly with a hair dryer or electric fan heater.

Red wine immediately needs to be harvested with napkins. Then make a thick paste of borax and cold water, then rub it deeply into the fleece with a toothbrush or hand brush. Allow to dry and vacuum. If necessary, repeat even several times.

Alcohol-containing beverages, perfumes and medicines destroy the coating of wooden furniture. Collect as much fluid as possible immediately, trying not to enlarge the stain. Apply a clean damp cloth and dry immediately. Assess the damage. If the piece of furniture has been well maintained, the trail will be weak. Then it is enough to rub in the silicone preparation firmly, from the edges of the spot towards the center. Then, in the direction of the grain, rub in linseed oil or petroleum jelly, mixed with cigarette ash. After rubbing in for a few minutes, smear the place with oil or petroleum jelly and leave it for at least 12 hours. Then wipe and polish as usual.