An acid stain

Acids can completely destroy the fabric, if they are not neutralized quickly and removed. Spilled clothes must be rinsed immediately in cold water, holding the stained area under a stream of tap water, removing as much acid as possible. Then the stained place is spread on a folded towel and moistened with ammonia. The procedure is repeated several times, by changing the position of the towel, and rinses the stain again under running water. Caution: do not use undiluted ammonia on pure wool or silk, or on blended fabrics containing these substances.

Wool and silk are rinsed with acid with cold water, and then slightly moisten the stain with a solution of ammonia half and half with water. Ammonia can also restore color to acid-discolored fabric.

Spilled acids on the carpet must be removed immediately with tissue or absorbent paper. Place a thick layer of napkins on the stain and press it down. To neutralize the acid, make a paste of baking soda and warm water, then rub it deeply into the fleece with a toothbrush. If there is no soda, you can use borax. Allow the paste to dry, then remove the clean one, with a damp cloth. Repeat the operation and dry it. Remove powder residue with a vacuum cleaner. If necessary, repeat the treatment.