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This page about Fr. how to remove stains from everyday objects, is the first entry to present this topic in a popular form. The purposefulness of the dissemination of such a publication results from the increasingly richer assortment of items that can stain, from constantly increasing staining potential, as well as an underdeveloped service network, which could guarantee full and efficient maintenance or renovation of used products or objects.

The main emphasis was on removing stains from textile clothing products.

Undoubtedly, these are consumer items most prone to staining. Staining of non-garment textiles is especially troublesome for users, e.g.. car or furniture covers. In general, removing stains from products "home methods”, as well as using advertised commercially available stain removers does not give the desired results, often leading to the replacement of one stain with another, e.g.. as a result of stains, which deters users from doing this type of operation on their own. The reason for this lies in the ignorance of the properties of the products, the type of stains, type of stain remover and method of stain removal.

The website explains the principle in an accessible way the stain removal process and allows you to consciously choose means and methods of stain removal. The first articles are about the essence of stain removal processes, from which the provisions given in the following articles arise in relation to specific stains. A special chapter should be recommended to the Reader's attention, which will avoid failure resulting from not taking into account the physical aspect of the stain removal process. Separation is no less important, in which the role of the whitening process was discussed along with the conditions of this process in removing stains. The following chapters contain stain removal recipes, the division into chapters is based on the differentiation of the type of material, from which the stain is removed. For each type of stain remover, the recipes are listed in alphabetical order of the names of the stain-causing substances.

We use the common names of substances and reagents used for stain removal. These names were supplemented with chemical formulas and the vocabulary of chemical compounds adopted in our country. It proved necessary to significantly expand the list of trade names for chemical fibers, the alphabetical order is adopted here, which will make it much easier for the Reader to identify the type of chemical fiber.

This is essential when determining the stain removal method. The content related to the identification of fibers has been supplemented in terms of specifying the criteria and properties used to identify the type of fibers present in the tested product.