"How they see you, that's how they write you "

"How they see you, they write you this way ”- this well-known proverb takes on proper pronunciation only then, when clothing is not only fashionable and stylish, but also well kept and perfectly clean. Who among us does not know from our own experience, how much trouble one small spot on your clothes can cause.

The purpose of this website is to provide tips on how to remove stains and to educate the Readers, that by more careful handling of industrial products, their service life can be extended, preserving their full value. The guarantee of achieving these benefits is, among others. taking into account the so-called. handling symbols on synthetic fiber products and following the instructions for proper use of these products. There are few stains, that could not be removed. This page is intended to assist the reader in determining the cause of each stain and how to remove it. Tips and advice apply to stains on fabrics, carpets, furniture, the skin, glass etc.. In addition, the website's task is to explain numerous issues related to stain removal. Because in many cases, stain removal requires the use of powerful agents, and poisonous chemicals at the same time, it is essential to observe the health protection instructions provided in the respective chapters. Flammable substances must be handled with particular care. By following all instructions, given on this page, you can completely avoid accidents when removing stains.