Yellowing are made of soap residue (especially on pressed linen clothes). Such stains are treated as follows: moisten it solidly with lemon juice and sprinkle with salt. The stained spot stretches stiffly and overflows ·

Wax stains

A wax stain. Hardened wax must be removed. Place folded napkins and a sheet of wrapping paper on both sides of the stain, then press it down with a warm iron. Repeat as long, up to ·

Wine stain

Wine stains. Remove the stain as quickly, as possible. Clothes must be sprayed or moistened with soda. The fabric, e.g.. tablecloth, after drying as thoroughly as possible, sprinkle with salt.

Precious clothing ·

Grease stains

Fat stain. Fat, is it car oil, vegetable, or animal, leaves translucent stains, which darken from the dirt that adheres to them. To remove the grease stain, water glass ·

Grass stain

Grass stains on washable fabrics can be removed, rubbing the stain with a detergent and rinsing thoroughly.

If the fabric cannot be wet washed, you need a stained place ·

A burnt stain

Burnt stains. If a hole in the carpet is burned, remove the tip from the vacuum tube and direct the tube outlet towards the traces. This will remove the burnt debris. Mix a teaspoon (5 ml) ·

The sauce stain

Sauce stains.

Salad dressing
It must be removed from the carpet immediately. Apply a solution containing 1 teaspoon (5 ml) a mild detergent and 1 teaspoon (5 ml) spirit vinegar ·